Art Direction and Design

Italian Pavilion at the 18th Venice Biennale

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Spaziale. Everyone belongs to everyone else, is the annual guest of the Italian Pavilion for the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale, curated by Fosbury Architecture. The project, beyond the exhibition, addresses and collectively takes action on 9 urgent crises, in 9 Italian locations.

The visual communication draws from the concept of an “unprecedented map of Italy”, charted by the 9 locations where Fosbury developed space regeneration, environmental projects and collaborative practices.

Together with Fosbury, we envisioned a map of physical and symbolic spaces that become the subject of continuous reconfigurations. We designed fluid and flexible geometries, capable of adapting to change, as the gray and blue remind us of a near future horizon, to be built together.

In the first section of the Italy pavilion, a led wall was dedicated to the map serving as the preliminary narrative of the second section, while the visual identity expanded in the exhibition with floor graphics, captions, curtains and colophons, appearing on Spaziale’s merch and digital adv.

Following the exploration aim, the catalog becomes the travel diary of 9 photographers, featuring photographic essays of the sites of intervention, reporting interviews between the working groups and the curators, and finally contributions framing the aspirations and contingencies of the local communities.