Radio Raheem
2020 — current

Radio Raheem
Cosmic perspective from Milano

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Born in Milan in 2017 as an independent media, Radio Raheem is constantly digging into the most vibrant international music scenes while also experimenting in the creation of new narratives related to art and culture.

As discovery is the platform’s main focus, we centered the whole design concept on space objects: from asteroids to dwarf planets and weird interfaces, from very reliable maps to mostly unreliable alien encounters… As the eternal figure he is, the Cosmic Shaman had of course to endure as a logo.

The main goal of this rebranding operation was to develop a flexible and holistic visual system capable of stretching to multiple channels and mediums, while embracing an ever growing body of contents and formats.

The icing on the cake is the double layered interface of the radio station’s digital platform. Here we designed a navigator menu, in order to help users digging music tracks and podcasts in a wide archive of more than 10000 contents.