Pinacoteca Agnelli
2021 — Current

Pinacoteca Agnelli
A new course

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In the spring of 2022 Pinacoteca Agnelli entered a new course. With Sarah Cosulich as the new director, the cultural center has taken a leap towards the present, embracing contemporary and multidisciplinary practices while keeping a dynamic dialogue with its historical collection.

The exhibition venues, traditionally located in the Lingotto Tower, have expanded to the iconic Pista 500 and to the surrounding indoor and outdoor areas, as the New Pinacoteca is setting up site-specific projects, commissioning Italian and international artists.

Giga partnered with Pinacoteca in this transition, with a bold rebranding proposal. “A”, Pinacoteca Agnelli’s traditional logo, becomes the lowercase letter “a”, formed by simple and fluid shapes. The entire design system originates from this single mark.

By shifting the focus from the family to the institution and backing Sarah Cosulich’s strategy of expanding the exhibition venues in an ideal and geographic sense, Agnelli’s “a” is now dynamically losing its stem, mutating into the iconic representation of Pista 500, the historic runway where Fiat cars were tested.

Lingotto’s architectural rationalism meets the dynamism of the New Pinacoteca. On the billboard and signage system, the letter “a” is disassembled into pathways and directional signage, as a brighter red is easier to notice in a building where other activities also take place.

On the website and digital assets, glyphs become fluid forms in motion: a kinematic description of this transition.