Visual identity

A city-wide art exhibition

After Procida and Monopoli, ITALICS brought the third edition of Panorama to L’Aquila. Since 2021, this multi-site traveling exhibition had forged connections between art, architecture, antiquity, and the contemporary, as well as the territory and its communities.

The focus in the new edition of Panorama was on L’Aquila’s vast historical heritage. Palaces, courtyards, public spaces, and places of everyday life were inhabited by works of ancient, modern, and contemporary art.

A simple and dynamic typography graphically synthesizes the opening of the landscape before the eyes of the observer, suggesting the experience of immersion in it.

The result is a simple identity that seamlessly fits into the urban context using typography and color blocks to guide the visitors around the city.
We partnered with Louis De Belle to develop a new photographic imagery to tell a new point of view.